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On The Edge Of Greatness:

A Real Conversation On How Black Women Can Take Over By Powerfully Running For Office

Written by Tonya Burke

The lack of understanding of the process, the under-representation of specific genders, cultures, and communities has been a long-standing tradition that has run its course.

Today, Tonya Burke - Author & The Political Badass(TM), is taking a stand and calling on leaders and visionaries to let their voices be heard and their visions be seen in new, bigger, bolder arena's

Running for and winning key roles in politics, is not off limits! And inside these pages, Tonya is pulling back the  curtain to give a real, raw, and powerful look on how Black women can secure the key roles needed to really facilitate the long-over-due change that is needed in this country and the systems it was built upon.

You are "On the Edge of Greatness," get ready to be equipped to name and claim your seat at the leadership table with no excuses and no apologies!

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Meet The Author

Most commonly known as The Political Badass™

Tonya is a sought-after expert, speaker, coach, political consultant and strategist, bestselling author, the Founder and CEO of Hidden Gems Enterprise, a boutique leadership, political coaching, and government relations consulting firm.

She has made it her personal mission to educate, empower, and engage women across the globe to uniquely utilize their inner super hero powers, gifts, and purpose to be the influential change agents that they strive to become and positively impact the world.

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